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Many people share various traditions when it comes to this particular holiday. However, all will agree that no matter the tradition you are bound to look flawless when the time comes.

While Thanksgiving might be on hold for many of us this year due to the ongoing pandemic, there is one way to get into the spirit—no turkey required—and that's with Thanksgiving nails. There are many Thanksgiving nail art ideas available out there, try them out!


No thanksgiving nails compilation can be complete without pumpkin nail art. Who knew pumpkins could be so chic? You can combine the pumpkin nail designs with either brown or yellowish base colors.

Classic French manicure may not be the best choice for holidays, as it is rather formal and low-key. Yet, if you do not want to betray your all-time favorite mani, you can upgrade it a little so that it suits the ambiance of the holiday. Make a French manicure feel festive by embellishing the tips of your nails with cute pumpkins instead of traditional white strips. Or you can steal the show with gold glitter tips. Those of you who do not wish to step away from the classics but still wish to grant your nails some thanksgiving nail art vibe will surely appreciate this idea.

Take some inspo for your nail selection from your favorite dessert! Pumpkin pie is another traditional dish on your Thanksgiving holiday table. That is why you can celebrate it as well with your thematic manicure. It is safe to admit that such nail art looks both elegant and fancy!

Fall nails are extremely fun and versatile. If you are not a fan of turkeys you can easily create a holiday nail art with the help of fallen leaves and a cute fox. Fall leaves go well with foxes, did you know that?

Do not be afraid to be creative when it comes to manicure creation. You are not bound to look like everyone else that is why when everyone else is opting for turkeys – you can add some other animal images to your holiday design.


When fall attributes do not fit your taste you can still pull off the holiday mood with the help of seasonal colors. Think warm tones that mirror the falling leaves, designs inspired by Thanksgiving staples like cranberry sauce or squash, or even some glitter for that festive feeling. Whatever your style, scroll on for the coolest Thanksgiving nail colors to try this year.

Here are the best Autumn Nails perfect for this year's Thanksgiving.
According to our experts, this year is the year of red. But it's not just any red they're predicting will take off – it's the rich burgundies. A beautiful burnt burgundy never goes out of style. The shade is suitable as a stand-alone color or in nail art as a statement color. Think half-French tips, simple vertical lines down the center of the nail, or even dagger shapes using a deep, velvety red.

Milky nudes:
Milky nudes are pretty on their own, but they will look best when being a base for the pretty, minimal nail art. If you’re looking for a classic, clean, and simple manicure, then go for these elegant shades. It looks gorgeous on all skin tones, from the lightest to the darkest. It's just stunning.

Brown nail polish was the sleeper hit of last year's fall and winter, and it looks like the trend is continuing. From deep mahogany hues to lighter, almost-beige ones, this '90s-inspired shade won't be letting up any time soon.

Dark navy blues will also trend. It’s another classic color that we’re familiar with. Such a perfect balance between a pop of color and a laid-back look. You can't go wrong with this classic! Dark nails for fall? Groundbreaking, we know. Change it up by playing with matte and gloss finishes!

Fall nail designs are exactly what you need for the upcoming holiday. There is no need to come up with something fancy or too intricate – just introduce those fall shades into your mani. It's time to approach your manicures like an artist. Our experienced staff rounded up the prettiest, most inspo-worthy nail colors for the coming holiday, check us out!

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